Small change, big savings

Select how many of each item you could give up to see how this could add up:

Click on any of the icons above to see how the cost of everyday items can add up over the years. Think about how putting small amounts towards your super could make a big difference to your future.


Total savings


Based on investing this monthly amount into [INVESTMENT_CHOICE] fund and assuming [INVESTMENT_NETRETURN]% growth over a [YEARS_TO_RETIREMENT] year period (after-tax & fees).

What's next?

So, you've learnt how to save some money – but what should you do now?

You may wish to consider making additional contributions to your Statewide Super account to help you boost your balance for retirement. A small amount now can really build up over time.


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Disclaimer and assumptions

Disclaimer & Assumptions

The Small Change, Big Savings calculator is not a recommendation and is not intended to be an exact figure. It is intended to assist you in assessing the effects your contributions and investment choices may have on your retirement outcome. The estimate may change in the future as it does not take into account any changes in the cost of living between the time of the preparation of the estimate and the future time or future changes to laws after the date of preparation of these assumptions. Estimates are in today's dollars (present value).

Do not rely on this calculator to make decisions about your retirement. You should consider your own needs, financial situation and investment objectives and may wish to get advice from a licensed financial adviser before making any financial decisions.



Savings are assumed to be added as regular, after-tax monthly contributions into your Statewide Super account. Monthly amounts are calculated by dividing the yearly calculation by 12. Super contribution limits are ignored.

Any contribution limits relating to a specific savings account are ignored. The calculator assumes all contributions can be saved without additional tax or fees.

Investment returns

Investment returns are assumed to be consistent for the duration of the savings period.

Investments Accumulation phase (after-tax & fees) Asset fee
Conservative Balanced4.68%0.81%
Active Balanced5.18%0.84%
High Growth5.57%0.88%

Insurance and fixed dollar administration fees are ignored.


The costs of the everyday items are estimates and do not necessarily represent the exact cost to you if you were to give up the item, at the specified frequency, as represented in the calculator.

The cost of each everyday item shown in the calculator is assumed to remain the same for the duration of the savings period. The effects of inflation on the cost of the item are ignored meaning the increase in savings is shown in today’s terms.

There are no fees, costs or taxes that are taken into account when calculating your total savings.

Investment period

When calculating how much extra you could save, it is assumed your investment period ends at age 67.


The model/tool relies on both price inflation and wage inflation assumptions as detailed below. The assumptions of our default indexation rate of 2.7% per annum (CPI of 2% plus a rate of 0.7% with respect to increase in living standards) and wages growth of 2.5% per annum have been adopted in the context of continuing low price and wage inflation in Australia, with recent annual figures actually below these assumed rates.


Information current as at July 2021.

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